Thinking About Applying to an Art Institute of Minnesota? Some Useful Facts and Tips for Your to Consider

Posted by Barbara Stanton on February 15, 2017

Any budding talent in the area of graphic arts, design and related businesses should seriously consider one of the art institutes of Minnesota as an attractive option for graduation. More than that, during several recent years popularity of the art institutes of international standing in Minnesota has been growing considerably.

Any accredited art institute in Mn state provides high standards of education and instruction in almost any field related to art, whether you are interested in becoming an interior designer, a museum curator, an advertising art director or a fine artist. It should be noted that the state of Minnesota has earned a long-term reputation as a state with creative and personally distinctive residents - not to mention the fact that it is one of the most beautiful states in terms of nature and landscapes. Just think of the mythical Lake Woebegone by Garrison Keillor! And such prominent figures of American culture as F. Scott Fitzgerald, Sinclair Lewis, Judy Garland and Charles Schultz - they all were natives of the state of Minnesota. No wonder the contribution of the state to the development of various forms of art in the United States is difficult to underestimate. Hence the availability and high popularity of art institutes in Mn!

The local scenery of this picturesque state with its famous 10,000 lakes ensures creative inspiration to any aspiring student of any art institute college. The biggest urban and business center of Minnesota, Minneapolis offers hefty possibilities for art education at an art institute famous not only among local residents but among lots of international students as well. This metropolitan city has come to be well-known among art students for its eleven-day long Minneapolis Fringe Festival, the largest non-juried performing and visual arts festival in the United States! What a better chance for a budding talent to become a rising star? Lots of museums, galleries and design firms made Minneapolis and other locations of the Minnesota state their home. Any person committed to study of art related subjects is offered plenty of chances to pursue the career, welding careers, after graduation from this or that art institute of Minnesota.

Among the best known and reputable educational establishments of Minnesota that offer art related programs there are the following: the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, with some seven hundred of enrolled students (one of the oldest art schools of the USA, was founded in 1886), the College of Visual Arts (established in 1948) with about two hundred of students, Minnesota State University in Mankato and Minnesota State University in Moorhead that have established departments of art for their students. All these schools have been accredited by the National Association of Schools for Art and Design (NASAD) and by the Council for Interior Design as well, that guarantees that they offer art training programs of the highest standards. Besides the traditional offline programs there are modern means of distance education and online programs in art and design. They have been developed by the Minnesota College of Art and Design (also accredited at NASAD).

In 1915 famous architects McKim, Mead and White designed and built a neo-classical landmark building in Minneapolis. Nowadays this building houses one of the biggest art museums as well as another art institute of Mn - Minnesota College of Art and Design (MCAD). This college is well-known for a wide range of degrees that it offers to its students. Thirteen different majors in fine arts, design and media are available for attendants of its Bachelor of Fine Arts program. So, there is a lot to choose from. Some other specializations for majoring students include subjects difficult to find at traditional institutions of arts, for instance, Furniture Design or Comic Art. There is even a possibility to major in the Print Paper Book. The college maintains a good balance between studio classes and hands-on pre-professional training programs, keeping the ratio at two-to-one, which is considered the most efficient to get maximum results.

Another very interesting degree that the Minnesota College of Art and Design makes available to students is a Bachelor of Science degree. This is a great program for those students who combine both visual and verbal, analytical and entrepreneurial and therefore can build excellent careers by bridging the gap between business executives and creative staff, they would be ideal for working in various arts-related fields. Students of this program are granted valuable internship possibilities at some of best art agencies, design firms and web development companies of Minnesota State. The approach taken for students of Masters of Fine Arts innovatively combines mentor-based instruction, studio work and inter-disciplinary workshops.

In case a student is willing to apply for art related program within the context of a large university Minnesota is an ideal place for such a person. It offers Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees in a wide range of studio-oriented specializations, among them ceramics, drawing, fibers, graphic design, painting, photography printmaking and sculpture and many more. As you see, educational resources of Minnesota are absolutely enviable in this respect.

About 85 miles southwest of Minneapolis there is a location of the campus of Minnesota State Mankato. The campus occupies 303 acre and provides for 14,500 students who are getting education at the university. Similarly to another great university, the University Of Minnesota, this institution has developed a powerful and well-reputed Department Of Art. A student has a possibility to graduate with a Bachelor of Arts Program degree. The comprehensive training program covers studio arts as well as history of art and art criticism. Those willing to apply for Bachelors in Fine Arts program at the end of their sophomore year are giving a convenient opportunity to prepare for it.

Among other arts schools in Minnesota that should be mentioned there is St. Cloud State in St. Cloud, some independent Arts institutes, such as the College of Visual Arts. Their specialization is individualized learning at art-making communities, the curriculum is flexible and focused on intensive preparing of students for professional artistic careers. The students can major either in graphic design, 3-d media, or integrated media.

The state of Minnesota is an absolutely stunning place for those willing to pursue a career in art related fields. It offers art institutes of different types, with different course works, settings, faculties and learning climates. A student is offered plenty of options to select what is right for his or her needs. Whatever type of school one gives preference to - a large university or a comparatively small art and design school, - the institution is sure to meet one's need at the highest level of educational quality, providing necessary skills for a successful start-up in one's art and design related career.