The Rules!

Posted by Barbara Stanton on October 13, 2016

Corporate, yesterday we discussed the importance of your first 48 hours in the business and that this business is like a game. Remember, this game doesn't require any special skills or talents to make you winner. You only need four simple tools to win this game, two of which you should already have in your possession "A Burning Desire to Win and Persistence." The other two tools are, a good supply of our Videotapes and a Telephone! Now lets talk about the game and it's name!

Our game is played in one of the most misunderstood industries, but one of the best at creating wealth. What's most fascinating about our game and this industry is the fact that it allows you to earn large sums of money on a monthly basis for doing something you and I already do on a daily basis. This industry began over 50 years ago to allow everyday people an opportunity to earn a full-time income while working part-time. Countless people just like you and I have created a first-class lifestyle. They have become financially independent and retired early as a result of this game. They are living their dream - they have time, freedom and the money to enjoy it!

The industry I am referring to is "Network Marketing" and the game is "The Numbers Game!" With no special talents, anyone and everyone can win this game regardless of who you are. The problem is, most people don't know the rules to the game!

Corporate, as with any game there are rules. Fortunately the Numbers Game has only ONE and that rule is a very simple one. The first thing to remember when applying this rule is, that 98% of the people in our country need what you have to offer. You are doing them a favor by inviting them into your organization. How many people do you know who could use some extra money or better health?

The Rule: The more people you introduce to the business, the greater your chances of success.

Corporate, during your first 30 days in the business, if you share this opportunity with 30 people, 10 may take you up on your offer. Of that 10, only 5 may work the business as hard as you do! If those 5 duplicate what you have done, and teach others to do the same, in 12 months your organization will grow to 10,000 members. At this point your monthly check will be $?00,000.00 more than most people's annual income! Successful Network Marketers follow a simple system and teach others to do the same.

If three people are involved in the same organization and one of them calls on two prospects a month, the other does two a week, and the third person calls on ten a day, you can safely assume who will have the strongest organization and largest commission checks by the end of the year.