Norrbottenspets Temperament and Lifespan

Posted by Barbara Stanton on March 18, 2017

Norrbottenspets is very cheerful and friendly dogs. They can be good working farm dogs and wonderful pets for the family. They can be kept in the apartment, but in this case they need daily long walks. These dogs are very mobile, they are full of strength and energy. This breed suits active people who lead a healthy lifestyle, prefer to spend their leisure time in nature.

They are very fond of all members of the family in which they live. It is great for children. These dogs rarely bark, which is certainly an advantage, especially if you live in an apartment. Norrbottenspets's voice can be heard only when a stranger is approaching the protected area. They live about 10-12 years.

How Much Does a Norrbottenspets Cost and Price Range

The price for the puppy of the Norbottenspets is usually ranges from $500 to $700. In fact, the cost will vary depending on the country and the breeder you are going to buy it from. The show quality dog may cost a bit more expensive compared to the pet quality puppy.

Norrbottenspets Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

Norrbottenspets is a dog of average height, it is compact with the square format. It has a wedge-shaped head with a broad forehead. Transition from a forehead to muzzle is gradual. The ears are rather large, upright, oval in shape due to the rounded ends. Eyes are of medium size, almond shaped, of dark color. The neck is sufficiently long and strong. The back is short and straight. Limbs are straight, parallel to each other, well-muscled. Tail is kept in a twisted ring leans to the side. Wool is thick, of medium length, straight with dense undercoat. The color may be white with yellow or red spots, red sable, and sable gray. As for the weight, then 8-12 is for females and 11-15 is for males.

Norrbottenspets Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

Norrbottenspets breed is incredibly kind, sociable, cheerful and playful. They do not know what aggression is, these animals are always welcoming and friendly. Also, they don't have conflicts with other dogs. Representatives of this breed are active, energetic and resilient. Due to keen sense of smell, instant reaction and speed, they make very good hunters, especially for poultry. Their swiftness also allows them to track down hares and rabbits. The dogs of this breed are very affectionate to people, they are very fond of the family, usually obedient and complaisant. So teach them is simple enough, even if you do not have experience, and you have never had a dog.

They are very intelligent dogs, with a good memory, thanks to which they quickly memorize everything. These dogs are trained quickly, they are usually very quickly realize what they are required to do.